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Fluid Dynamic Computations with NaSt2D-2.0

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Would you know, how looks the turbulent flow around a cabriolet at 100 km/h?

On the left you see the streamlines with color-coded pressure distribution as background or with click the velocity vectors with color-coded vorticity distribution as background or with click as GIF-animation the moved velocity vectors with color-coded vorticity distribution as background. go back

Calculated are the pictures with NaSt2D-2.0 and the standard k-ε turbulence model.

The program package   NaSt2D-2.0   solves with the SOR-method   (successive over-relaxation)   the   Navier-Stokes equations, discreted by finite difference method, in a staggered rectangle grid for given boundary conditions. Viskous, unsteady, incompressible, laminar and turbulent flows you can numerically simulate. The   low-Reynold number model   and the   standard k-ε model   are implemented as turbulence models.

The program package contains the source files in the programming language C, a detailed instruction manual as HTML-file, the input samples for the numerous implemented problems, and as C- resp. FORTRAN-files the preprocessing programs for visualization of computation results with the graphic programs GNUPLOT and DISLIN. It is here available free of charge:

download   159 kB

The source files of NaSt2D-2.0 are clearly arranged structured, and thus very good applicable for work out the difficulty of fluiddynamic computations, from flows around solid bodies, over flows through complicated geometries, up to computations of free boundary value problems and flows with energy transport.

The basic version NaSt2D is from Institute for Numerical Simulation of the University Bonn available free of charge   here.   NaSt2D-2.0   is an extension particularly for computation of turbulent flows. It can download on   "click"   free of charge;   and here online to the program package a detailed   instruction manual.

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last changed on May 6, 2018 with the extensions :
✱   exemplary representation of all implemented problems in a   "compilation"
✱   computation of the Kármán vortex street behind a   "flying gyrocopter".